With Seven Founders Marc Thaler and Hannah Minardi met early on in their careers. Thaler has been active in the social entrepreneurship space while also working for various charities. At 18, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which became an experience that re-defined his perspective on purpose. Minardi broke into the health and wellness scene in 2015, as apart of emerging start-ups. Her passion for the space was sparked at a young age when both of her parents were diagnosed with serious autoimmune diseases. Through these experiences – supporting loved ones– they both had their eyes opened to the unawareness that is currently surrounding their generation.

This became a driving force to pursue With Seven; encouraging actionable change in the atmosphere of social impact and living with purposeful consciousness within the young generation.

Through multiple projects together, they established /7. Through their endeavors, they have been able to shed light on causes including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and support California wildfire relief efforts.